WAVY HOOP® 2B – 2 lb. large

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Light weight hoop for children and teenager weighing under 60 to 100 lbs to exercise, also perfect for arm and shoulder workout.

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Sports Hoop Weighted Hoop, Weight Loss Wavy Hoop 2B – 1.8lb (Dia.40.5″) Large,

Exercise Hula Hoop for Children and Teenagers, Arm and Shoulder Exercise.


  • Recommended for children and teenagers, weighing 60lb. to 100lb.. Wavy ridges design.
  • Maximizes weight loss and improves workout results. Weighs 1.8 pounds (0.8 kg) and measures 40.5 inches (103cm) across.
  • Lightweight durable plastic in 4 vibrant neon colors. Patented wavy design stimulates core muscles, improves weight loss.
  • Special design for teenager, patented wavy ridges. Made with durable materials. Easy to assemble and detach.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble. 9 detachable sections for easy storage and transport. Made of a durable plastic core for comfortable and fun exercise. GS certified.

The Wavy Hoop® series consists of lighter hoops designed for children and teenagers. The Wavy Hoop® can also be used for dance purposes or specific exercises to target arm and legs muscles. Its light weight design can also be used for adults who want to work their way up to a heavier hoop in the future.

Our Wavy Hoop 2B is a lightweight hoop with a small diameter designed for children to exercise while having fun! Its fun, colorful design keeps children happy and motivated. The Wavy Hoop 2B is a great way for children to get moving and get started on a healthy lifestyle. The Wavy Hoop is designed with light and long-lasting durable plastic capable of withstanding playtime. The wavy ridges help users keep the hoop up while simultaneously exercising their core muscles. This item consists of 8 sections in 4 neon colors that are easily assembled and disassembled.

– Material: Durable plastic
– User Specifications: Children weighing 60 to 100 lbs.
– Design Feature: Fast & easy assembly with a button design
– Dimension: 40.5″ Diameter / pipe 1.2″- 1.7 ” wave
– Actual Weight: 1.8 lb.±5%





Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 7 × 2 in