How to Hula Hoop

Using Instructions for New Users

Sports Hoops are well designed and well tested for adult and teenager workout fitness.
By following the instructions, 95% of the beginners will learn how to use the hoop within 10 minutes.
Play 10 minutes daily, trim your waist 2 inches and lose 4 lb. every month until fit.
There’s are more than one million users using Sports Hoops as their major waist-trimming fitness equipment.

The Sports Hoop is one of the best workout products in women’s fitness clubs. Learn how to use Sports Hoop
Instructed by Rosemary Torres
The Sports Hoop workout class designer.
An expert personal trainer in Bally Total Fitness club and professional Sports Hoop instructor.

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CAUTION to new Sports Hoop users:
Due to the strong impact directly upon the abdominal muscles, some new users may experience muscle soreness or bruising in the first two weeks of use. Please do not use more than recommended. Users should perform the exercise routine at their own pace and fitness level; Over exercise may cause injury.
Suggested use for new users:
* 1-3 minutes only per day during the first week.
* 3-5 minutes per day during the second week.
* 5-10 minutes per day after two weeks.
Please start with gentle exercise. If bruising continues after the first two weeks please consult your doctor for suggestions of the right use of this product.

Users with the following conditions; Pregnancy, cancer, back/spinal injuries and any other medical or physical conditions are absolutely prohibited of using this product.
Failure to follow these warnings may cause serious injuries. If you have any pre-existing medical or physical conditions please consult your physician prior to use.
Do not use more than 20 minutes at one time.
Do not use more than two times in one day.


Step by Step for Beginners Learning How to Play

1. Locate enough space around. Spread feet apart approximately one foot. Relax knees and body



2. Relax elbow and hold the Sports Hoop firmly against the back side of your waist.

3. Keep hoop in a horizontal position before swinging outward. DO NOT position the hoop at a tilt or angle.

4. Horizontally swing the hoop outward against waist, fast and with momentum. Move your waist immediately on going.

5. Move your waist in any one direction against the hoop.


6.Keep your body’s motion at a steady pace to allow the hoop to remain in position.