Sports Hoop Patented Design

Innovation into results!!

Patented Design,
Approved US Design Trademark Worldwide

Sport Hoop Workout Routine
Sports Hoop Acu pressure massage muscle stimulation
large diameter hoop exercise for longer workout and effective result

Acupressure – Waist Stimulation

The wavy ridges work to stimulate your core muscles and tone your stomach, back, and hip muscles. The ridged design also works as a grip to help keep the hoop up on their waist. To intensify your workout, spin the Hoop faster around your waist to burn more calories. The smooth design allows you to exercise easily while enjoying the benefits of using a weighted hoop.

Weight – Easier Exercise

The weight of the hoop contribute to the intensity to the hooping exercise, the heavier hoop is, the stronger the stimulation. The weight also helps the hoop stays better on your waist.

Diameter/Width – Stamina & Endurance

The large diameters of the hoops help reduce the effort needed to spin the hoop. Longer hooping period prolongs your workout time and also corrects your posture and bodily curve.

Sponge Cushion – Comfort

The soft foam padding makes it more comfortable for new users, and protects skin and muscle from overuse. It also increases the area of acupressure which stimulates the muscle in larger area of effect so your exercise is more effective.