Become a Sports Hoop Trainer

What is a Sports Hoop Trainer

As a trainer, you are encouraged to attract people in your area and in your community become familiar with Sports Hoop. Sports Hoop offers support to trainers involved in bringing Sports Hoop exercise into new geographic areas and settings. We also offer direct wholesale prices to trainers who want to sell Sports Hoop to members and also to sell locally.
*You will be listed in the trainer directory and website from the Sports Hoop website, and will appear on the list of trainers sent to anyone in your area who asks for referrals.

To get Qualified:

Trainer Package

  • A national trainer certification from accredited program, valid and non-expired.

*Discover how we can sponsor and guide you throughout your career. Learn how to clarify and assess your goals with a Sports Hoop to build trust and continuous trainings.

You’ll get
– Acu Hoop 3L
– Arm Hoop
– Slimming Belt
– Directory Listings on

*Just Pay Shipping

Instructor Package

  • A valid trainer certification
  • Concurrent Classes scheduled online or in a gym classroom environment with at least 3 active students. Photos and class schedule with you as the lead trainer listed on an official announcement board of designated facility.

You’ll get
– Acu Hoop 3L
– Trim Hoop 2MS
– Arm Hoop
– Sports Hoop DVDs
– Instructor Directory Listings on
– Wholesale Pricing to Sports Hoop Products

*Just Pay Shipping

Coach Package

  • A valid trainer certification
  • Concurrent Classes with active students where you are hosting hooping exercises with Sports Hoop products, viewable on a public domain(ex. Youtube, Facebook, Instagram’s IGTV) or live stream media with 100K+ views.

You’ll get
– Acu Hoop 5L
– Trim Hoop 3B
– Wavy Hoop 1B
– Arm Hoop
– Sports Hoop DVDs
– Coach Directory Listings on
– Wholesale Pricing to Sports Hoop Products and Possibilities to Regional Exclusiveness.

*Just Pay Shipping

REQUIRED for all packages” a valid liability insurance; **

Valid Proofs and Contact Infos are required to obtain the trainer package.

*Currently we’re offering Trainer programs in the US only, if you’re located outside of US, we encourage you to contact us for possibilities of your own exclusive regional market.

** Opportunity is limited. Terms Apply.

Sports Hoop Certification

Sports Hoop Certification offers the opportunity for trainers to identify themselves professionally. It recognizes your professional development and competence. It confirms trainer’s mastery of Sports Hoop’s weight hula hoop principle and its best practices.
More importantly, the certification allows the trainer in making important connections in your career. The credibility of certification connects the students with trainer.

Sports Hoop benefits

  • Expect results for only 10 minutes a day for 2 weeks, the change you can feel.
  • Weight loss, health improvement, posture correction, endurance and stamina training, muscle training, dance, and medical fitness.
  • Each type of hoop contributes differently, each yield for a unique purpose.
  • Different hooping form brings different workout result.
  • Sports Hoop are designed for adult workout, fitness, and weight loss

Why do people rely on personal trainers?

  • Improve overall fitness result
  • Reach or maintain healthy weight
  • Motivation, stick to it!
  • Focus on unique health concerns
  • Find the most effective way while not harming oneself
  • Stop wasting time
  • Learn new skill
  • Discover potential
  • Benefit from partner
  • Formulate your own program

Advanced Training and Exercise Knowledge

  • Core focus and body focus by using Sports Hoop
  • Gain hands-on experience with professionals in yielding a better result.
  • Develop business skills you’ll need to attract members and increase sales opportunity.
  • Progressive workout routine to develop your own exercise program

Why become a certified trainer? Seize the Opportunity in the Growing Industry

Careers for health and fitness professionals and personal trainers are expected to grow through the year because…

  • People tend to rely on quick and easy way for weight loss; trainer provides the better advice and exercise program to effective result.
  • Having a professional advice give people the confidence and leads people in the right way
  • People themselves are too busy, and need motivation to push themselves
  • Group / workout companions will keep people motivated
  • Greater variety of equipment available to provide the best result a person need
  • Focusing on exercise, you can leave everything behind and spend time focusing and meditate.
  • Extras: meet new friends and getting to know someone who can exercise together.

To Be Certified: Trainer Requirements

  • Be able to hoop for 20 minutes without dropping while keeping the form and incorporate movements.
  • Knowledge of safety and use of Sports Hoop, exercise, and other fitness equipment.
  • Must host scheduled classes at least 2 per month.
  • Trainer Certification and proof of your liability insurance.

After Certification: Trainer benefits

  • Completion Gifts: Sports Hoop – Acu Hoop 3L, Sports Hoop carrying bag, Arm Hoop, DVDs, and access to Sports Hoop training videos.
  • Sports Hoop chart to help you pair a hoop with your member.
  • Access to Sports Hoop DVD and trainer booklet, and information of postures to yield good results.
  • Direct Wholesale Prices to Sports Hoop, earn 20% or more in sales profit!
  • Sports Hoop directory listing for your location, listing you as certified trainer. And also receive the advantage of geographical proximity exclusiveness.

If you are not considering a class space yet, open a Virtual Class!

Use you video to attract members, teach your students from online!
Post trainer video on and promote trainer availability in your location

  • Become a trainer of your geographical proximity;
  • Begin your promotional video advertising now.
  • Opportunity to be the trainer for the next sports hoop exercise video
  • We encourage trainers or any users to film or capture their own hooping video or unique hooping form that you think it contribute more to weight loss, workout and health benefits.
  • Hooping in particular form may increase the effective of the hooping exercise, and thus receive an improved result.
  • When your video exceeds a certain amount of viewers, we may choose to produce your own hooping routine and publish as the Sports Hoop DVD.

Attractive Income & Careers opportunities

  • Certified Personal Trainer – become a certified Sports Hoop trainer by attending an informative session and knowing how you can use Sports Hoop to yield a quality result.
  • Group Fitness Instructor/Group Exercise Instructor – conduct effective group hooping exercise classes for various modalities offered at fitness centers.
  • Performance Coach/Athletic Conditioning for individuals – design resistance training and cardiovascular exercise prescriptions for members to achieve performance-oriented goals. Provide motivation and corrective feedback for people who are struggling with weight loss.
  • Corrective Exercise Trainer – conduct physical fitness assessments of clients who have struggled in the effort of getting core workout but can receive a better result by using Sports Hoop.

Other Career Opportunities

Health and fitness professionals have a range of opportunities for employment. From corporate settings to healthcare facilities to high-energy gyms and fitness centers, there’s a work environment for all personality types.

  • Gyms and fitness facilities
  • Corporate fitness centers
  • Rehabilitation centers, community activity
  • Self-employment, personal trainers

Limitations apply

*Currently we’re offering Trainer programs in the US only, if you’re located outside of US, we encourage you to contact us for possibilities of your own exclusive regional market.

** Sports Hoop reserves the right, at its sole and absolute discretion, to change, modify, limit, add, or remove portions of these terms at anytime by posting the amended terms. Please check these Terms periodically for changes. Your continued use of the site or Services after the posting of changes constitutes your binding acceptance of such changes. In addition, when using any particular services, you may be subject to any posted guidelines, rules, product requirements or sometimes additional terms applicable to such services. All such guidelines, rules, product requirements or sometimes additional terms are hereby incorporated by reference into the Terms. Click for Terms of Use and details