Sports Hoop® products are weighted hoops specifically designed to help you slim your waist, stimulate your muscles, burn calories, enhance weight loss, and improve cardiovascular health. The rotational motion from exercising with a hula hoop promotes body alignment and correct posture. The Sports Hoop can be included into your fitness routine to add variety and incorporate some fun to your workouts, or simply as a way to get into better shape and better health.

Sports Hoop® unique designs are heavier and wider than traditional hula hoops. The added weight carries the hoop motion with your waist movement, and intensifies the muscle stimulation proportionally to your strength output. The large diameter hoop allows you to exercise intensely for longer period of time. The large diameter reduces the effort to spin the hoop at fast speed and at the same time, you receive a greater exercise from intense movement.

Acu Hoop – Stimulate your innermost muscles

Directly stimulates core muscles


The Acu Hoop® series is one of our signature hoops with advanced patented wavy-ridged design. The wavy ridges provide concentrated force that intensely stimulates the core muscles. The wavy ridges work to stimulate your core muscles and tone your stomach, back, gluteus and hip muscles. The muscle stimulation intensity scales with the hoop movement; the more powerful Acu Hoop® spin around your waist, the greater intensity.

Trim Hoop – Smooth design to exercise comfortably 

Builts endurance for performance.

The Trim Hoop® series has a smooth plastic pipe design with a foam rubber padding exterior which allows users to exercise comfortably.
The muscle stimulation from the hoop is spread out evenly for people who are looking for a less intense but longer duration hoop workout.

Power Hoop – Advanced Level

More intense stimulation

The Power Hoop® is designed for maximum durability and advanced muscle stimulation. The wavy ridges are firmer compared to the Acu Hoop® model, providing more intense muscle stimulation. The Power Hoop® series is specifically designed for athletic and performance training, ideal for experienced users

Wavy Hoop – The hoop with a touch of innovation

Children, Teens, Performance and target the specifics

The Wavy Hoop® series consists of lighter hoops designed for children and teenagers. The Wavy Hoop® can also be used for dance purposes or specific exercises to target arm and legs muscles. Its light weight design can also be used for adults who want to work their way up to a heavier hoop in the future.


Targeting Upper body Muscles

Arm, Triceps, Shoulder, Chest, Wrist and Joints

Utilize the lighter hoops for arm rotational workout to exercise
arm muscles, chest, shoulder and reduce bingo wings. Improves posture, joint mobility.
Arm Hoops, Acu Hoop 2S, Trim Hoop 2SM, or Wavy Hoop contributes to great exercises in order to reduce and tone your arm, shoulder, and chest muscles.

DIY Hoop – Do It Yourself

Customizable Hoop

The DIY Hoop™ series follows the traditional hula hoop design that retains the classic touch. The DIY Hoop™ is more flexible in structure and can be easily customized with different hoop diameters at 33″, 38″ or 42″. The Prism Tape customization makes DIY Hoop to extend beyond its visual appearance; in which may also be used in promoting events such as Breast Cancer Awareness (pink), AIDS Awareness (red), and many more.

Recommended Hoops for effective results

Find the Sports Hoop that is right for you

The following list of items is based on the feed back from the experience of thousands of users. It may be helpful to you to use this list as a reference when deciding which item might be right for you. If you have any questions please feel free to call us, we will be pleased to assist you.

Easy to Master! Start shaping your beautiful waistline!

Sports Hoops are well designed and well tested for adult and teenager workout fitness.
By following the instructions, 95% of the beginners learn how to use the hoop within 10 minutes.
Play 10 minutes daily, trim your waist 2 inches and lose 4 lb. every month until fit.
There are more than one million users using Sports Hoops as their major waist fitness equipment.
The Sports Hoop is one of the best workout products in women’s fitness clubs for weight loss and fitness

Step 1 – Check

Locate enough space around.Spread feet apart approximately one foot. Relax knees and body

Step 2 – Positioning​

Relax elbow and hold the Sports Hoop firmly against the back side of your waist.

Step 3 – Ready​

Keep hoop in a horizontal position before swinging outward. DO NOT position the hoop at a tilt or angle.

Step 4 – Swing

Horizontally swing the hoop outward against waist, fast and with momentum. Move your waist immediately on going.

Step 5 – Adjust

Move your waist in any one direction against the hoop.

Step 6 – Maintain

Keep your body’s motion at a steady pace to allow the hoop to remain in position.

Sports Hoop®

Most recognized weighted hula hoop

Sports Hoop ® is the original weighted hula hoop for waist slimming, weight loss and core strength training. First established in 1998, Sports Hoop products have grown in popularity worldwide including in the United States, South America, Asia, Australia and Europe. Sports Hoop products include Acu Hoop®, Trim Hoop®, Power Hoop®, Wavy Hoop® and DIY Hoop™. These easy to use and fun hoops come in 1 to 5 pounds. Sports Hoops are comfortable and high functioning hoops made from first-rate product quality. Sports Hoop products are GS approved and sold directly from the manufacture to offer great functionality and superior product quality plus the lowest possible price. Sports Hoop users are able to have fun and get healthy while reminiscing their childhood memories.

Lose weight and slim your waist with the Sports Hoop®!

Sports Hoop can be included into your fitness routine to add variety and incorporate some fun to your workouts, or simply as a way to get into better shape and better health.